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Frequently Asked Questions

About your run

Run - What is a Virtual Run?

Run - What time does the run start?

Run - Which route do I run?

Run - Which distances can I run?

Run - Can I walk or hike the distance?

Run - How do challenges work?

Run - Your Ranking


Registration - I did not receive my order confirmation

Registration - When will I get access to my Runners Portal?

Registration - I can't access my Runners Portal

Registration - Forgot Password?

Registration - Unsubscribe from our newsletter


Tracking - How can I track my distance?

Tracking - How to synchronize your Runners Portal with Garmin

Tracking - Changing the distance

Your shipment

Your shipment - Where do you deliver ?

Your shipment - When do I get my certificate & medal?

Your shipment - Will I get my medal if I haven't finished?

Your shipment - My shirt is not the right size, what can I do?

Your shipment - When will I receive my shirt?

Your shipment - How can I cancel my booking?

Your shipment - Where is my certificate?

Your shipment - Complaints

Our community

Our community - Who is behind Virtualrunners?

Our community - What does a VirtualRunners Ambassador do?

Our community - How to become a VirtualRunners ambassador

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