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Julia's healthy recipes

  • The Japanese Runner's Diet

    Japanese food is known for its distinctive taste - created by contrasting flavours and a variety of ingredients, it has conquered the world and can be found in any major city on the globe.

    The Japanese word Umami (which can be translated as pleasant, savoury taste) is a useful term to describe those exquisitely balanced dishes, a great mixture of proteins, vegetables and grains together with fragrant herbs and spices: Soy, galangal, wasabi and ginger - just to name a few.

  • Fast and fit: 3 nutrition tips for the marathon

    When preparing for the marathon, nothing is more important than proper training, a good dose of motivation, and a balanced diet. Because the best training plan can quickly become obsolete if the diet does not match it! In our article "Fast and Fit: 3 Nutritional Tips for the Marathon" we show you which nutrition will get you in top shape for the marathon!

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