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Guinness World Records™ Official Attempt Run

September, 19th 2021

You can submit your screenshot up to 72 hours after the run!

Participants needed: 1.035

Already approved by VirtualRunners*: 26.000

Thank you all for being part of this amazing event!

Once the record has been confirmed,

we will let you know via mail and on our socials!

Consider leaving a like/follow if you haven't already.

* Standing: Wednesday, 14:00 UTC+2 Number is inofficial. It needs to be confirmed by Guinness World Records to be counted as an official World Record. This might take up to a week.


Be part, when we write history on Sep 19th 2021. Thousands of people worldwide will join us in the attempt to break the official world record of THE MOST USERS TO COMPLETE A REMOTE 10 KM/6.2 MI RUN IN 24 HOURS

Take this unique opportunity and be part of a world record!

What you will get:

Digital Proof of Participation

Guinness World Record Medal (optional)

Guinness World Record Shirt (optional)

And this is how it works!

Sign-up now

Sign-Up now and chose one of two options:

- participation + digital proof of participation

- participation + digital proof of participation + medal

Join FB-Group

After signing-up you will get all information + access to the Facebook-Group. Here you will be able to meet all fellow runners (optional)


Run on Sep 19th where ever you live and upload your run via a screenshot of any running app to our running portal.

Proof & Medal

Get your original Guinness World Records Proof of Participation + real medal (if booked) after the run

Official Rules and FAQ for the GWR Attempt


To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we recommend that you go through the following checklist today and not on too short notice. We have summarized the most important information for you:

1. Have you updated all profiles in the VirtualRunners portal correctly (first and last name, gender and age)?

2. Do you know the given time frame in which you should run?

3. Do you have a working running watch or app to record your 10K?

4. Do you know how to connect your Garmin or Adidas Running by Runtastic app to the VirtualRunners portal?

5. If you use another app, do you know how to create and upload the screenshot with the distance and date to the running portal?

What is this World Record Attempt about?

On September 19, 2021, the official Guinness World Record attempt will take place to unite the most "virtual" runners who complete a 10 km run within 24 hours.

But having fun while running is very important too! Therefore, we would be happy if as many running enthusiasts as possible would come together for this unique event.

However, there are very important rules that need to be pointed out!

At what time exactly does my time frame start?

To ensure that no country is disadvantaged due to the time difference, we have agreed to choose a specific time zone in which the time frame begins at 0:00 o'clock and ends at 24:00 o'clock.

The time zone UTC -2 has been set for this purpose.

All runs that are not completed and recorded in this specific time frame cannot be evaluated for the world record attempt! For this reason, it is necessary to adhere to the time frame that applies to YOU.



General Notes

  • Please make sure that you have a working running app installed and that you are familiar with it on time.
  • We can really recommend the free Adidas Running by Runtastic app for several reasons.
  • Complete your 10 kilometers in the allowed 24-hour time frame.
  • The time you took is not so important on this event, as long as you completed the run in the allowed 24-hour time frame.

What "running styles" are allowed?

Basically, everything around running and walking is allowed. Wheelchair users are explicitly allowed! Since there are various settings for many apps/watches, we have made a small list with the different allowed "running styles" below:

        • - Running/Jogging
      • - Speed Walking
      • - Walking
      • - Hiking
      • - Trail Running
      • - Treadmill (make sure you have an accurate pedometer/pedometer)
      • - Wheelchair
  • For the adidas Running App and Garmin integration in our running portal, we will be able to integrate the different running styles by the weekend so that the data will be synchronized if you choose to do so. Of course, there is still the possibility to upload the screenshot manually.

How do I record my run?

EVERYONE who wants to be part of this world record attempt must record their run with a regular running app or a running watch (with GPS tracking) according to Guinness World Records regulations!


    • - GARMIN

    With the Garmin connection you can jump directly to "First steps in the VirtualRunners running portal"!

    Click the link if you want to know how to connect Garmin: (english)


  • - Adidas Running by Runtastic

With the Runtastic connection you can jump directly to "First steps in the VirtualRunners running portal"!

Click the link if you want to know how to connect Adidas Running / Runtastic: (english)

  • - Any other running app or running watch (please read the following description)


You use any other running app and need to upload your Screenshot

In this case you need a valid screenshot from your app that confirms your 10k/6.2 mi distance and most importantly shows the date you completed the run (Sept 19!). Upload this screenshot to the VirtualRunners portal (explanation follows).




Missing date!

Distance not reached! Missing date!

Problem with Strava Screenshots. GWR will not accept screenshot showing “TODAY or YESTERDAY”. It needs to show the date (Sept 19)

Please make sure you know how to create the required screenshot!

With the Garmin or Adidas Running by Runtastic app connection, you do not need this screenshot, as the data is synchronized.

First steps in the VirtualRunners running portal

a) You should already have your personal access to the VirtualRunners portal.

If you are registered for the GWR run, then log in to the runners portal using the following link:

b) Don't worry if you haven't received the mail yet. Sometimes mails end up in the spam folder. In the login area you can easily get a new password by clicking on "forgot password". If you still haven't received a mail and you can't find it in the spam folder, just contact our support at:


This will help you to avoid possible problems.

You can find help on how to do this by typing "clear browser cache" into your web search. Ideally you should also add the browser name you are using to get the right instructions.

  1. c) You have successfully logged in to the VirtualRunners portal. Now go to the overview of your runs and select the Guinness World Records Attempt 2021.
  1. d) Update all profiles (for the people you have registered) by clicking on the blue dot in the Guinness World Record run (on the PC "edit"). Enter all correct names, gender and age and save your inputs.

Uploading your Screenshot to the portal

Note: Garmin and Adidas/Runtastic users can skip this point but should look at the respective tutorial!

Before you do the upload, we highly recommend you clear the CACHE of your browser as some members could experience problems following the next steps. The upload of the screenshot must be done for each registered runner. To do this you click on the blue dot in front of each name (or if you are on your PC, click on "Time"). As soon as you click on "Time", a selection will appear. Decide which way you want to upload your data.

For Garmin and Adidas/Runtastic look at the tutorials mentioned above.

"Photo" means manual entry.

If you have chosen the manual entry (PHOTO), fill in ALL fields.

Example: For 00:53:59 enter 0 in the hours field, 53 in the minutes field and 59 in the seconds field.

Now choose the screenshot you want to upload with "Choose file". Don't forget to "save".

Every correct entry counts

The screenshot must be uploaded no later than 72 hours after your time frame has closed. After that, your run can no longer be considered for the world record attempt.

Therefore, it's best to do it right after you have successfully completed your 10 km!

What happens after a successfull upload?

As soon as your entries have been checked and "approved" by the official team (this can take a few hours), the official "Digital Proof of Participation" from Guinness World Records will be available for you to download from the running portal.

We want to point out that the use of Garmin and Adidas/Runtastic offers significant time advantage, as your entry is automatically "approved"!

I have booked the run with a medal. When will I receive it?

As soon as your 10km run has been "approved", our logistics will be informed, and the shipment will be initiated. However, this can take up to four days.

The use of Garmin and Adidas Running by Runtastic again offers a clear advantage in terms of time since no manual approval is required here.

When do we get the result of the World Record Attempt?

It may take up to a week for the official Guinness World Records judges to review all entries. However, as soon as the result is available, we will of course communicate it on our social media channels.

We are looking forward to your participation and wish you all a successful and healthy preparation time!

I can't do the 10km running in one piece

This is not a problem. You can start with running and end with walking. However, only screenshots that show the 10km as one activity count. For example, a collage of 2x 5km is NOT ALLOWED! Most apps have a "pause" function that you can use for this. Please make yourself familiar with how to use this function correctly.

Examples for not allowed:

Picture collage of 2 activities

Two activities in Newsfeed

Example for allowed:

Date is showing, Distance reached, small Pause being taken (optional), one single activity

We have reached more than 120.000 registrations already!!!

Save the date: Sep 19th 2021

Let's write history together!

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