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3 alternative ways to celebrate Independence Day

Why does the whole world's attention shift to the USA on Fourth of July? The main reason lies probably in the wild celebrations commemorating the events that took place in 1776! Finally, the American colonies were free of British rule when the declaration of Independence was signed on this fateful day and the country became a sovereign nation – one that influenced the world like no other ever since.

So much of US-history revolves around the "Fourth of July" that you could hardly make a list with all the records. Many important political decisions were specifically being made on Independence Day to give them further importance. The most iconic symbol of American freedom - the Statue of Liberty - serves as a prime example, since it was presented to the US delegation by the French in Paris on the Fourth of July 1884.

Obviously, Hollywood couldn't keep its hands off the date as well, so in the 1996 movie "Independence Day" by Roland Emmerich, on a planet invaded by aliens, humanity chooses this day to start an all-in counterattack against the occupants of their planet (Spoiler Alert: Humanity wins).

So, it's safe to say that the day plays a big role in history as well as American pop-culture, but it's known to foreigners mostly because of its notorious parties, when everyone dresses up in Stars and Stripes and celebrates like there is no tomorrow.

For everyone that wants to spend this year's Independence Day a bit differently (and in a healthier way), we present some other options that will nonetheless sparkle your patriotic emotions!


Get back to nature

One thing in which the USA truly stands out is its seemingly endless and diverse nature. Wherever you find yourself to be located at in the States, you will always be close to one of the many natural reserves and parks of the country - be it the majestic Redwood Forests in Northern California, the incredibly shaped monoliths in Utah or the world's finest example of arid-land erosion, the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Why not go for a hike or a canoe tour?

Whether you experience nature on your own to find spirituality and peace or go out together with friends and family, loving your homeland's nature is probably one of the most patriotic feelings you can get and a perfect choice for spending Independence Day.


Remember your history

The Fourth of July - being a memorable day in US history - offers the perfect opportunity to reflect your country's past. Visit a memorial site or a museum and reflect which obstacles had to be overcome to progress towards the open and free society you live in today.

Think for yourself - what is the true meaning of this day? Why had it been so important for the nation's identity to break free from the chains of monarchic control?

The answer might open your eyes and make you understand where this country's success actually comes from in the first place - and why (despite arguably still not being perfect) it serves as a role model for many others.


Go Running!

Many people that want to honor Independence Day take part in running events, as they are the perfect opportunity to reach a common goal - the finish line - and commemorate the day together with a shining medal.

One of the most famous races is the Peach tree Road Race in Atlanta, the biggest 10k race in the world with 60,000 participants!

If you don't have the opportunity to take part in one of the major races, you can join us in our virtual running event and earn your Independence Day Medal from any place in the world, turn on Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" and celebrate America in all its star-spangled glory - together with our awesome community.


July 3rd-4th 2021 - Independence Day Run

The USA is now home to the fastest growing VirtualRunners community. That's why we are especially happy to organize a run for the US Independence Day.

Register now and start running!

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