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Running training

  • Keep it swinging and increase your performance

    Even if you think running is all about the arms, we runners know that arm movement is just as important. But honestly, how often do we pay attention to the right arm movement? I myself often have to remind myself to pay attention to arm swing when running.
  • Glute bridges - strength training for runners

    Our core and glutes are the source of strength when running. If you strengthen these two body parts, you will run faster and more stable. With glute bridges you train your glutes and core at the same time.
  • 7 safety tips for running in the dark

    Ghosts, ghouls, vampires and other foul creatures lurking for their chance for a trick or treat, pumpkins with scary grimaces on every corner, and in the TV movies like Halloween, Poltergeist, and Hocus Pocus that add to the atmosphere - it's Halloween time! And since we are closing up on the cold winter months the days get shorter and shorter, so there's often no alternative to working out in the dark. But don't worry - we've got 7 tips for you that will chase away all the evil spirits and make running just as safe and sound as always.
  • 5 tipps for running in autumn

    The heat of summer (if it was there) is over, optimal running temperatures have set in and colourful canopies of leaves make the running track a visual experience. For many runners, autumn is the most popular season. On the other hand, the weather often fluctuates and the falling leaves, which form a slippery film on the ground, become a real tripping hazard. In short, autumn brings a whole new set of challenges when it comes to running! Find out how to master them professionally here!  

  • Sidewalk or Street - What's better for your feet?

    As we discussed in a previous blog, running on sand can have quite some benefits for some otherwise less trained muscles in your feet. But as so often, it's recommended to vary certain aspects of your training - including the surface. So, while everyone will have their preferences which terrain they enjoy running on the most, it can certainly be said that switching through all possible options available will greatly increase your training effect and decrease risk of injury.

    Today we'll have a closer look on how running on asphalt & concrete will affect you and your performance and what you should look out for.

  • 6 Tips on Making the Jump from Walking to Running

    Are you a fervent walker and keen to slowly start taking up running, but you’re not sure how? Running strengthens your cardiovascular system and muscles, stimulates your metabolism, provides space to collect your thoughts and relieves stress. Understandably, running is becoming increasingly popular. We’ll show you how to get started!

  • Why you should add Running on sand to your training routine!

    When we dive into thinking about the beautiful beaches of our planet - be it Caribbean white sands or the deep black shores we'll find close to Volcanos - the next thing that comes into our mind usually has something to do with leaving the daily work routine behind to relax, getting that super-hot skin tone or just spending a nice day with family & friends with fun activities on land and in the water.

  • 3 Reasons why Running on Vacation is a Good Idea

    For some of us, it can be quite hard to continue doing sports when our daily routine suddenly stops, like it is the case when we are on holiday. The usual Eat - Run - Work - Sleep does not apply anymore because we don't have to wake up early to get ready for the day, and we'll ask ourselves anyway - I'm on holiday, why should I run?

  • Japanese Running Techniques

    Japan, without a doubt, is one of the most unique places in the world. The country is characterized by its long history of isolation and therefore completely independent development - just think of the famous Samurai warriors depicted in countless movies or the modern pop culture that spread like wildfire among young people!

  • Incredible Mechanisms of our Body II - The Hidden Chemistry

    We all notice a change in our body while doing sports. Especially when we go for a run - as time passes by - the feeling of a noticeably faster heart beat and heavy breathing can make it hard for a beginner to maintain their pace while an experienced runner can actually take some extra power from it. As we get used to physical activity, we also familiarize with the chemical processes connected to it and learn how to make them work for us - and not against us. By exploring the chemistry within our body, we might get some insight in how to use them to our favour.

  • Incredible Mechanisms of Our Body Part I - Runner's High

    Modern life includes a lot of sitting - be it at work or using computers for any kind of purposes. Since our bodies were designed by nature for physical activity, some of nowadays most common problems are related to this issue, back pain and obesity being widespread in our societies. To counter that, we indulge in sports like running, which have had quite a Renaissance in the late 20th century. The term Renaissance (meaning rebirth) is quite fitting, because at some point we tended to go running a lot (and by a lot I mean basically the whole day). Physical activity was not only crucial for a person's health but even more the key to survive. At earlier stages in human history - especially when we were merely hunters and gatherers - not only did we need a lot of stamina to find enough food, but it could save us from vital threats like dangerous animals.

  • 7 Tips for Running in the Heat

    Dry heat in the sunshine or suffocating sultriness under cloudy skies. During the summer months in Germany, high temperatures and lots of sun can make training a little more difficult than when temperatures are milder. We have 7 tips for you that will make training easier on hot days, so you don't have to take a forced summer break.